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Monday, March 15, 2010

Nursing in the dark

Black-outs suck!

So I awoke to darkness again today. Yesterday we lost power in my negiborhood due to a very nasty storm that dummped tons of rain down on us and came equiped with high winds that knocked down trees and power lines. Last night I cooked what I needed too for dinner, tried to get the parishables into the frezzer or finished off. I don't think I saved everything..... Good thing I didn't go food shopping for the week yet.

One worry I was glad I didn't have was milk for the baby. I didn't have to worry about water for formula, heating bottles ect... As I worried about how and what I was going to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of my troop, my boobs were busy getting hana's next meal all warmed and ready. Yay! Today I am so grateful for bf'ing! As afternoon aproached I had to think of how we were going to make it through today..... Another day in the dark. I decided that since the wind and rain died down we would venture out and enjoy some resturant food. Ihop was the fast winner. As usual the wait was long, and the parking lot was packed, Hana was getting antsy so I decided to go back to my car to nurse her (yes I know... I should have nursed in the waiting area but sometimes I can be a frady cat). After she finished we went back inside, was called and enjoyed our meal. Hana was a true princess and ate her bananas neatly indeed. "such a joy to watch" someone sitting next to us at a resturant once said. I'm so proud of her!

When I got back home there was still no power so off we go to an alternate location. I hope that the electricity is on and stays that way when I get back home.

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