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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ryan breaks up a b-ball fight...lol
.....so protective of his baby sister!

Playground fun!

Some cool things happened today, I nursed Hana at the playground, she played AND made the cutest little baby friend, and I also made a new mommy friend as well!

I was not going to even go to the park today because my 7 yo has not been on his best behavior lately, but I decided to take him anyway because the weather was so good. Hana enjoyed her first ride in the semi-warm weather too! She smiled and looked around, while waving her arms the whole way there. It's the first time this season she has not been stuffed into and immobilized by her snowsuit! LOL!

Nursing at the park was a breeze. I was surprised at the absence of dirty looks that silently say "ewww...for the love of god! put your boobs away!" No....I didn't even get a runner (someone who gets up as soon as you start breastfeeding). For the first time I exhaled while nursing in public. Its nice to around other understanding moms. While making a mom friend I also got to chat it up about breastfeeding. She politely explained to me that she only BF her son for three months. THREE WHOLE MONTHS!....I let her know that three months in the world of BF'ing is AWESOME! Hell, if you can get past week 3 you're a superhero in my book because that's when some moms encounter problems....early on. While we chatted the babies played as babies do.....by taking each others toys and cookies..LOL! The little boy kept reaching for Hana's face until he managed to snach off her hat! so cute...so cute. I dare say we all had a blast on the playground.


Erin said...

Good for you for nursing in public and outside no less. I nursed my baby at a football game in December and it was frigid!

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

Sunflower mom said...

wohh! December?! outside?! you are superwoman!

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