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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today Is Not My Day

I am sick of breastfeeding today!!!

PHEW!!.....now that it's off my chest, I feel somewhat better. I really have had it with the nipple munching today. I am just not that into it this cool day in march. I've managed to nurse all day today even though I feel really shitty. Can any of my EBF'ing mamas relate?? Ever since Hana started playing "how far can the nipple stretch" My poor girls have become very tender. I have all the nipple cream that I'll ever need, but I just don't think they like all that "fun" pulling. I wish I was brave enough to post a picture of the huge smile on Hana's face with her shinny gums clamped down on me........seeing that would definatly elicid some emphatic laughter!

I hope this funk lifts soon.


erica said...

Lady, I am not EBFing anymore... but I can relate! There were days when ALL she wanted to do was nurse... and nurse... and nurse...

Sometime you need to just get "it" off your chest and say "ARRGH!" Breastfeeding, I think, is one of the hardest things you can do... but the most beautiful too.

Welcome from SITS...!

Audra said...

oh - I hate the nipple stretching game! DS had pretty much weaned at 16 months after dry-nursing for several months (due to pregnancy) but recently has wanted to nurse pretty much daily now that he has 8 teeth coming in. I learned last night - he CANNOT latch on the right side. Left is fine. Right is "munch munch munch" and that causes REALLY BIG contractions. At least there is hope for him to come back to more full time nursing in a couple months when his brother is born.

Sunflower mom said...

Yeah, boo to nipple stretching! LOL. I'm feeling tons better.......just in time for a neighborhood wide black-out! arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

but guess what...?? at least I don't have to worry about water and bottles for the baby. Go breastmilk GO!! =^_^=

Also thanks for the welcome!

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