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Monday, November 16, 2009

Legal Milk

Let it be known that court and nursing DO NOT go together!

Today I had the pleasant experience of attending court (I was called as a witness for crap). I got there early enough,.. only to be shuffled into a waiting area reserved for the fearful people who were avoiding someone they have an order of protection against (yes...I have an order). All joking aside,.....the area was not that bad. It had lots of toys and soft chairs abound for the kiddies and adults. It was a quiet, well lit, air conditioned room with phones and a water cooler. The only thing it was missing was ...well..food LOL! I just didn't like it because of all the air of sadness it had. The room never really filled up...just one or two people in and out, but they were always sad. Sometimes even crying because they had no place to go home to because of an abusive spouse/boyfriend or family member, or they were locked into a court battle with an ex who denies paternity or just denies period. Since I don't find any of that amusing or even funny, I ....feeling like I was trapped became bored. Good thing I came prepared and loaded lots of games up.

At about 12 ish I began to feel the all to familiar tingle commonly known as "let-down". Because with me it's very forceful, the "let-down" hurt a lot. I was halfway through grabbing my chest when I remembered that I was in public. I quickly took my hands down and told the clerk that I was going to step out to the ladies room. Guess what I forgot in my haste in the am?? ...?? you guessed it! BREAST PADS!!!! Why do I always forget these?!!? The only thing that saved me and my cute suit was the fact that I had on a padded bra (great at soaking up impromptu leaks) and the suit was a dark pinstripe. pheeew!

Now back to the down side.......The court went to lunch from 1 to 2 pm and then resumed ...all still without calling me! By the time I was called (after 4pm) I was inflated like a thanksgiving balloon. Ready to burst and in a lot of pain. I don't know what was worse.....the dumb lawyers crappy questions or my boob pain( I was waiting for her to ask me about my breastfeeding habits ..lol). Well at least my boobs were in pain for a reason....life giving milk was piling up. The lawyer was just unorganized and dumb for no reason at all.

A huge part of me was embarrassed because I kept thinking everyone in the courtroom could see my milk stains (I was shaking a bit because of it). I could not wait to get off the stand and out of revealing light lol. I wish I would have worn the pads. In hind sight I would have given clearer answers if I didn't have this stalking my thoughts (and shown that no office having lawyer a thing or two

Oh well. Sera, Sera....

Yeah.....I did contemplate toilet tissue....It wont stop the gushers thou.

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Pettel Maternity said...

I can relate. Had too many situations like this one.. and the pain usually numbs every rational thought about a good solution..
We should plan better before we leave the house.. but even with pads the pain is my main problem.

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