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Monday, November 2, 2009


Sometimes you find comfort where you didn't think to look.

It's always nice when friends & family come to visit. but, I hadn't been looking forward to bf'ing in front of my baby's aunt and uncle. After about 30 mins into the visit my little fussy girl starts her patented squeaks for milk (she squeeks before she cries...so service better come fast). I retreat to my rocking chair for the nursing and grab a blanket to cover up.

In the midst of feeling awkward, I remembered that Lidia (aunt) BF her kids till they could nurse and then cover HER back up! lol! After thinking about who there was the REAL milkin queen....I considered myself "schooled" and from there on didn't feel weird or shy at all. bye bye blanket.

Here they are after the milk was had.

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amandamom2 said...

Wow...seems like Lidia had breastfeeding really work out for her! Good luck to you. I'm hoping to make it to six months with my DD.

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