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Monday, November 9, 2009

Membership Granted!

Last week was very busy, getting things ready for Hana's church welcoming ceremony was a crazy task.

First the dresses that I ordered came in the bigger 3-6 month size. I originally picked the 0-3 month size, but you know what....The bigger size fit her anyway. I bought both, but put her in Dress #1 (the sleeveless one). She looked like a fairy princess in it!

I had to return the shoes because they were too small. That had me running out to find the perfect pair of shoes. I found cute little booties in this shopping location in my city called third avenue on Wednesday(along with a ton of other things).

The cutest two little pigtails ever!! She still has that spiky hair thing going on, and her hair is long enough for the tails to work. So yeah....ok my job was easy...but it was my first time, and I didn't want to mess up.

I had to also get new outfits for the boys since the official "Christening" won't be for another 2 1/2 months, and I didn't want them to use their formal suites until then. More thanks to "Third Avenue"!

I must have been crazy because I cooked all the food for the party!! That took up most of my Friday and Saturday. I did order the cake...It was very good (exquisite looking & tasty) except I hate fondant with a passion.
I wanted it done in butter cream but the look would not have been the same.

Below is the cake That was delivered but the pink was lighter in color.

I'm Just happy that everything went well. Everyone in the church loved (officially) meeting Hana and she has been dubbed "The Little Doll". There were about 26 or 27 friends & Family (not including me & Daddy) at the luncheon plus some invited parishioners from that mornings services...... , 17 attended the ceremony. All in all Hana's day was amazing.

I will post a link to the album as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded from Daddy's Cam.

Best Sunday ever!

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Sunflower mom said...

The cake only had one tier plus the cake bible. The woman that re-created my cake was awesome! Her fees are very reasonable. I am thinking of ordering a Christmas cake from her.

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