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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks For The Milk

Fist full of candied yams......

Yesterday was my sunflower's first Thanksgiving, and it could not have been any better. I spent many hours in the kitchen cooking up a feast worthy of my family and friends. Shopping for all the food and the bird was INSANE to say the least, but by some miracle I managed to get everything and cook it up with skill. This year I must give huge credit to my big man. He picked eight bags of greens all by himself! He found ever little cabbage worm or egg (there is nothing better than young eyes). All I had to do was clean and cook them.

This year I had a bigger crowd, and thanks to my transforming dinner table (bump! to IKEA) miraculously there was space for 12 of us grown folks at the table (I set a separate table up for the mini munchkins =^_^= ).

My little Hana was sitting on my sisters lap when she was served. While she ate, Hana grabbed a fist full of candied yams off her plate!! The baby dropped the most of it, but her finger were covered in the sweet prize. She sucked all the potatoes off and that sent her into a crying tizzy. Seems she wanted more and didn't appreciate being removed from her new found food source LOL!! After an emergency nursing session in the bedroom( and unfortunately that's where I had to finish my meal) , she was back to normal and was able to return to the table with the debut of her high chair (fresh out of the box erected skillfully by Papasan). she looked so adorable sitting there. I cant wait to give her a feeding in it....but not yet (not yet).

After the good time that I had yesterday I am a little sad.....My Hana is going to be starting solids soon. I am trying to hold off till the six month mark, but she is very interested in eating. I don't know if she can wait. She has not even had baby cereal yet. Nothing but breast-milk.

I am already starting to mourn the soon-to-be loss of our EBF relationship. My Flower is advancing so fast. gone is the helpless little meat roll of summer lol. Of all the things I have to be thankful for this year, I truly am thankful for being able to enjoy bonding with my little one through BF'ing. I am grateful for every drop of liquid gold.

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