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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


If you're ever looking for me late, late at night, you can find me barely sleeping in bed with an baby shaped growth on my chest. ....In all seriousness, I honestly think my boobs are pulling double duty as pacifiers.

Ever since my girl was old enough to nurse, she has been at it non stop. I tried introducing her to those tiny lifesavers called pacifiers, but no matter which one I bought she never had much interest in them. (trust me, I bought every brand babiesrus and target had hoping for a miracle, even tried different sizes too!) I have asked various family members to try giving it to her in the hopes that she would accept it from them, with no success. The odd thing is that she had no issues with bottle feeding, and switching back and forth from breast & bottle. I know four months into nursing is a bit late to try to re-introduce a paci but I really want to see if maybe now it could work for us.

Looking on the bright side like I always try to do....., I guess we won't run the risk of pacifier dependence, or of ever having to look for a lost binky. I may try once more just to see if she has changed her mind and switches from paci-mom to a silicone substitute.

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Vanessa G said...

Speaking as someone who has seen you with Hana, You have spoiled her. lol! No paci can save you now girl.

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