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Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays for sale?

Like most people this extended weekend has been very busy. Shopping for last minuet gifts, giving and receiving of those said gifts,  cooking, eating, going to church ect......


This year, my six year old son was in a play at church for the Christmas holiday! I must admit I never thought of him as a "Thespian"(he loves physical contact sports), but maybe he get's it from his dear old mom...lol (I love to act, and have been in several plays as a child...I'm also a HUGE lover of Interpretive Dance). But with my doubts aside, there he went....marching up the aisle with his fellow actors, dressed as the cutest angel I've ever never seen. He has been practicing for this show for the past few weeks at church every Sunday after services, and by the look of confidence on his little face on the stage, I would say he was comfortable.

The baby didn't make too much of a fuss in church aside from the time she got hungry and wanted to nurse. I think the feeding went well aside for the well meaning congregation member peaking over my shoulder to see if the baby was nursing right since she was still fussing after I put her to my breast (did I mention she does this thing where she "complains" for a few minuets after I begin feeding her? Its soo cute..). After her feeding she apologized to everyone at church by sitting cutely on my lap and flashing her little smile at everyone who looked her way......such a princess ham she is...lol! 

and .....this time I had my breast pads on!!! see I too can learn..LOL!


This is the most picture-taking holiday I have ever seen! I don't think there is anyone on earth who didn't take at LEAST ten pictures this weekend! Everywhere you go, some one has a camera! heaven forbid if you looked less than perfect this Christmas weekend, It will and I mean WILL be "on tape" . With that being said....guess what I gave my sister as a gift??? a got darn digital camera!!


While we are on the topic of gifts, I made this year "The year of recycled gifts"! Don't get me wrong....I didn't go totally cheapo.....I was just a bit more frugal this year. I did go out and buy some video games for my nephews and phone peripherals for my son, but I also gave away a few things that I love, but no longer use or just see fit to give away. For instance.....I gave my niece this black hematite necklace that I have had and loves for years. She's into jewelry and always admired it whenever she would see me with it on. So, I decided to gift it. When she opened the box, she was soo excited to have it because she loved the piece, and she said it made her feel a bit more like me (awwww!). To my paparazzi sister went my awesome digital camera! I love that cam, but hers recently broke. She too had admired it when I took pictures with it this summer, so off it went to a loving home!. With the exodus of lovingly used things went one iPod,  two mp3 players, another camera, and a cell phone. Things that I have upgraded past, but still having a long life ahead of them.

All-in-all nursing this past weekend has been very good..., with the exception of one new phenomenon. My left boob seems to be giving up on producing much milk! (I will give this issue it's own post).


I must say this season was very joyous. I am very grateful that I got to share it with family and friends. Personally I feel that this year the holiday was turned into a "sale circus". If you managed to truly give from the heart and not just your wallet then I commend you! With everything being "reduced" and prices being slashed, It's hard to keep focused on the "real" spirit. My children's eyes lighting up after seeing some shiny toy was not the best part of the weekend (thou I do admit it made me smile)......no...rather it was just sitting down together laughing and talking at the end of the night with my family that truly warmed my achy little heart.  After a tough year it's all you really need.....a few hands to hold, love, cherish and remind you that you're loved in return.

As always...pictures to come, as soon as I hook up the cam.

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