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Friday, December 18, 2009

Missing Medela


Maybe that's it, but I must confess..., I have not pumped in a few weeks. Ok....well maybe that's a stretch because I had to attend to business and upon my return I had to pump out the milk that collected while I was away from my LO, So saying I haven't pumped at all is a lie. What I'm trying to say is that most (99%) of my girl's meals come straight from the tap nowadays. I don't pump in the middle of the night or even in the daytime for that matter. If I have to be away from Hana for a short period of time, I take time out to nurse her really well before I leave. She has been doing well with being able to wait for my return. When she was smaller, she had to have a bottle and could not wait, but at almost five months she can.

I have to say that I am missing my "old faithful". I used to sleep with the pump within arms reach for those nighttime sessions. My pump ia sitting near my dresser patiently awaiting my return. I fully intended to kick-up the pumping but I just could not stick with it and go back to the grueling schedule. I don't think my supply has gone down much, so for now I think we'll be ok, besides I still have the huge freezer stash for back-up.

Has anyone else made the unintentional transition to nursing only and not giving bottles of expressed milk to baby?

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