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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Melon Obsession 2

You may be able to tell by the pictures I have up that I have become enamored with baby headgear and "color splash" photo editing!

First the headgear....

This is my first daughter so naturally I am excited about all things cute! The last time I used a bow in my own hair was in high school! LOL Anyway,....I have been on a lot of baby head accessory websites and while the stuff they sell is cute, it's kinda expensive. Sure I could drop $19.99 on a super cute flower hat, but why should I? This woman is perfectly able and WILLING to create her own bows and clips. This past weekend I took a trip to this shopping area in the bronx called Fordham Rd. I went to a lot of the baby stores and could not find any really nice bows or headbands like the ones I've seen on the web. That's when I finally decided to hit the craft/fabric store and re-create some of the styles that caught my eye on the Internet. The headband my girl wore in the latest "Wordless Wednesday" post I made myself.....not the red one...but the one with the dots.

So far I've created six bows (using a few clips I was able to find at a store), I going to make a few crochet hats with flowers and feathers, once I go back out and find some additional material.

Check out Hana's latest headband!

Color splash editing......

What can I say...it adds such a nice touch to B&W pictures. Whatever color you want to pop, really does with this effect! It's going to make all my headband, flower, and hat pictures amazing. I know this technique of photo editing has been out FOREVER.....but hey.... I just started using it so cut me some slack =^_^=. I am new to all this picture creation stuff, and we all have to start somewhere right??

anyway...more to come as I take them, hopefully this year will be full of amazing and splash-tastic pictures!

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