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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Down With The Sickness

I am Ill,......That's all I feel like writing because I feel like I've been jumped by two big angry moms in a toy store on Christmas Eve.

But, still I nurse. 

Come runny nose and congested chest, 
Homemade soup, I like best

Still..... I nurse.
Hungry baby, mouth wide open, 
Eat your dinner, time for burpin'
Sill...... I nurse.
Headache roarin', and big boys still snorin'

still...........I nurse.
Scratchy throat, honey won't soothe 
Little girl rollin' over, she's on the move!!

still I NURSE!
Right arm sore, car seat's heavy
Can't feel my face, My head's gettin' heavy

Still......I nurse

Fast asleep, I feel a tugging 
Hana's face, ah! she STILL suckilin'

Still.....I nurse.
Being the worrier that I have become, I asked Hana's doctor at her 4 month old check up if it was ok to continue to nurse her while I am sick. She said "of course. nursing her now is very good for her... and breastfeeding will help protect your baby from infection, because your body produces antibodies to the specific bug that is causing the infection, and you pass them on to the baby in your milk". One fear down!

I guess as  long as I am sick, I may as well enjoy getting taken care of. Hey, ......Its not every day I get homemade chicken soup (that I didn't make) and my favorite loose leaf brewed tea in bed! 


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