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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bad Daddy!

Ok.....not that bad...

But, maybe too eager. It seems daddy has taken a shine to (the idea of) feeding the baby. He bought a big (in my eyes) box of baby cereal for Hana. Looking at it made me feel insulted for some reason. First off I plan to make all of my LO's food in a baby blender until she is old enough to eat modified table food. Second, I don't think she is ready I'm not ready to begin her on solids yet because, I feel it will diminish out EBF relationship. I know....how selfish right (bad mommy?) ?

I just don't want to rush her into food, then have my supply drop, and thus begin the premature weening process. Is that wrong? Am I worrying for no reason??? I am not opposed to feeding her a little here and there, but seeing the box scared me because I feel once you open it, you have to commit to giving her the whole thing, making it part of a daily routine...and the feared cycle begins.

It's enough to make me scream.
My Hana @ 4 months trying out a dab of taters!

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