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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Moooo-st Wonderful Time

It's almost Christmas and I am getting excited about it for a change. The tree is up and the boys did a great job decorating it. Today I am going to have everyone try on their church outfits. I put the baby in her dress last night to see if it fits and it does.

On my list of needs for attending church on Christmas......, I WILL NOT forget the breast pads! AND I WILL bring a few bottles of expressed milk for the baby with us. Since this is a time of year that the church will be super crowded, I don't want to worry about nursing, leaking, or wearing something that I can get my breast out of.

In other news....Like most easterners, we got our first snow of the season this weekend. My six year old has been waiting for this since thanksgiving. As the snow began to fall late Saturday night, he grew more and more excited. When the accumulation of snow hit an acceptable level, I allowed the boys to go out and play!

They put on their heavy gloves and coats, bundled up tight and ran down the stairs and out the door. It's too bad Hana is too young to play in the snow. Oh well...maybe she will get a chance to play with her brothers next year.
The "snow castle"

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