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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Melon Obsession

Ok,,,,,we all know there is only so much you can do with a small baby's hair. I mean aside from sticking bows and an ungodly amount of barrettes onto their silky thin tresses, there is not much else to do. While staring down at my LO's head as I nursed her, I began to wonder how I could spruce up that tiny noggen. That is why I have found myself in cranium heaven, with my discovery of HEADBAND BOWS AND BABY BEANIES WITH FLOWERS!!

Good thing winter is approaching, because now I have the best excuse ever to buy tons of CUTE AND FUN headgear for Hana!! Check out the links below, I've purchased a few items that I'm hoping will get here before christmas so she can don them for the holiday pictures!



This is one of my favorites!!

Also check out the sister site called "Little Limbs". They have the cutest little leggings and warmers for chunky little thighs!

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Vanessa G said...

Where are the pictures of the baby with one of the new beanies on?

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